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Saturday, May 19, 2007

I Like "Nobodys Fuel".

I purchased the "Nobodys Fuel" DVD from


It is excellent. You should buy several copies and give them to everyone interested in energy.

The author is H. Douglas Lightfoot, Canadian, and a member of the Global Environmental and Climate Change Centre at McGill University in Montreal. He has been working on this presentation since 1992, as a self financed and independent project.

The DVD runs for 2 hours and 25 minutes. It outlines the issues and then presents a solution. It is reasonable, clear, easy to understand, and optimistic. You will want to watch it several times. It works as a conversation guide too, when viewed with a group that has questions and comments to share.

The program is divided into sections:

1: Prisoner's Dilemma: fossil fuels & what energy means to us
2: Aladdin's Lamp - how much fossil fuel is left?
3: Core of the Matter - carbon dioxide & the environment
4: Solving climate change & energy supply
5: Can renewable energy replace fossil fuel?
6: The Hydrogen Economy: NOT a simple chemistry experiment
7: Nuclear energy - power to the people
8: Conclusion

I didn't agree with every detail of Mr. Lightfoot's solution. Nor was I surprised by anything he said - he does not offer any magic bullets. What made the DVD excellent was its careful walk through of all the issues in a reasonable order, showing what can be done and how this contributes to a realistic plan. Eliminating poverty is the key concept - we have to pull people out of environmentally destructive poverty to control population growth and mitigate global heating. I think this is the right answer, both technically and morally. To make it happen we need fast reactors. There is lots of work ahead of us.


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