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Sunday, December 16, 2007

IBM Nuclear Power Advisory Council

IBM has set up an advisory council for nuclear power - what does this mean?

The Industry Talk section of the World Nuclear News web site reported that such a council held its first meeting in 2007 December. The results of this meeting are summarized here: Key 2008 Issues for Nuclear Power.

The key concern is the aging of the nuclear industry work force, combined with the internet raised new workers who are not interested in demanding jobs such as the design and operation of nuclear reactors. IBM proposes to solve this problem by introducing better plant management software and asset control. I wonder....

The key idea is to use knowledge management tools to make it possible to introduce new staff into the operation with causing problems, as outlined in Donald R. Hoffman's keynote presentation.

Canada was there .... a representative from AECL attended the meeting.

It seems that Canada again has something to offer in this domain with "Smart CANDU".

The meeting took place at IBM's Global Center of Excellence for Nuclear Power. This centre was set up in July, 2007.

It looks like MRO was doing something like this before, so it became an IBM initiative when MRO was acquired by IBM.


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