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Friday, May 25, 2007

16. Climate Change and Energy Security

In the context of tackling climate change and ensuring energy security, do you agree or disagree that it would be in the public interest to give energy companies the option of investing in new nuclear power stations?

Clearly, the UK government has to have new nuclear power stations built. Not doing so would be suicidal and irrational. It is obvious that the public benefits from these developments.

However, the approach outlined by the UK government for controlling and restricting new nuclear plant construction is excessive and onerous. This approach makes it impossible to build anything quickly, when rapid development is precisely what is needed.

All this new development can be rationalized as a response to climate change, but this is wishful thinking. The UK government on its own cannot do anything to affect climate change. Even shutting down all the carbon emission sources in the UK overnight would not make one whit of a difference. If the UK government wants to deal with its citizens as adults it would make this clear.

What the UK government can do is provide energy to the future population - the energy needed to keep their economy competitive, to maintain their health, and improve the local environment. For example, cities no longer need garbage dumps. As proven in Ottawa, Canada


garbage can be eliminated by melting it in a plasma torch, powered by electricity. These kinds of new energy applications can significantly improve the lives of future populations, and their environment. The UK government can make this happen - can provide the needed energy and the new applications. Nuclear power is the best technology available to guarantee this positive future.

The UK government should also encourage companies to use small nuclear engines where this is optimal. Such engines are described at:


These engines could be used to power ships, or to guarantee electricity for a Google server farm. The UK government needs to break out of the stereotype thinking that restricts nuclear power to large, baseload facilities. Nuclear power can be used in many other ways.


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